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We have been living with COVID-19 for some time now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the virus keeps evolving, so we have evolved our disinfection & fumigation technologies and processes.

At Advanced Covid Cleaning our aim is to give our clients peace of mind knowing their home, workplace and businesses are free from harmful viruses. Nothing is more important than safety, your safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the general public.

Our solution is top-quality TGA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant and Covid fumigation, also known as fogging.

COVID-19 has an incredibly fast reproduction rate with the droplets from coughing, sneezing and saliva droplets from human mouths spreading onto anything the droplets have contact with. When a person who has COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or talks, they may spread droplets containing the virus a short distance, and these droplets quickly settle on surrounding surfaces. 

This is called fomite transmission and surfaces include door handles, computer equipment, touch screens and handrails. You may get infected by the virus if you touch those surfaces or objects and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.

The main advice to prevent COVID-19 is to practice stringent hygiene measures which include cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that people frequently touch.

Covid fumigation does just that.

Residential Advanced Covid Cleaning Sydney


Advanced Covid Cleaning

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You need to keep your residential property or workplace clean and free of disease-producing pathogens – whether it’s a medical facility, childcare centre, shopping centre, gym, school, stadium, factory, restaurant or office.

About Advanced Covid Cleaning

Covid Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services Sydney

We have a history working in the hospital system, and once Covid hit, we wanted to get onboard with the latest technologies and products that can keep our residential & commercial clients risk free and clean. We use hospital grade disinfectant that is proven to kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses as SARS-CoV-2 ( COVID 19), influenza virus, hepatitis B group virus, VRE, MRSA and more.

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We are the specialists when it comes to advanced covid cleaning and fumigation services. Hire us to protect your commercial properties against risk, liability and the spread of covid. 

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